VW E-Bugster

VW E-Bugster
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Article: VW E-Bugster

What is VW going to bring to the Auto China Show 2012 (23 April to 2 May)? This question has been a hot topic among the press worldwide latley, after all, the Chinese market has for years been one of the most important markets in the world for Volkswagen. Thankfully we can now answer this question. It was revealed not so long ago that VW would be unveiling its new e-Bugster electric hard-top. Some say it looks rather ugly, but we rather like it.

An Old Acquaintance

The VW E-Bugster is not in fact a brand new offering from VW, in early 2012 they showed off a similar non-convertible model in Detroit. The China show will however be the first official public launch of the e-Bugster and the convertible hard-top. Owing to this, the specifications are already known. The power output is a 85 kW (115 hp) with an 80-pound electric motor. The energy content of the lithium-ion batteries is 28.3 kilowatt hours, which should last for at least 180 kilometers.

Lower but Wider

The e-Bugster is nine inches lower than the closed Beetle, but a little wider. The length remains the same at 4.28 metres. Some of the more striking features of the e-Bugster include the low windshield and stunning two-seat design, the chrome lines on the lower window edge are stretched from A-pillar to A-pillar and look stunning. The striking rear spoiler gives an indication of where the soft top will lie in future revisions.

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