Daimler And BYD Unveil New Electric Car Brand

Daimler And BYD Unveil New Electric Car Brand
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Article: Daimler And BYD Unveil New Electric Car Brand

The premium automaker Daimler and Chinese electric battery and car manufacturer BYD have announced a new car brand, which will focus exclusively on electric vehicles for the Chinese market.

The brand’s name Denza is drawn from the Chinese characters that represent “rising power and momentum”. And this is exactly what the joint venture has in mind. With new momentum and synergy, Daimler and BYD hope to bring down the high costs of electric vehicles with an entire line of affordable ones said to be heading for production lines in 2013.

Electric cars and electric bikes are hugely popular in China. According to a study, electric vehicles outnumber conventional vehicles by 2:1. In the last decade, over 100 million e-bikes were sold in China suggesting that there is a great potential market for electric cars.

BYD is providing battery technology and propulsion-system design to the venture, while Daimler is responsible for the vehicle design as well as development and safety engineering.

The first Denza model, a small battery-electric car concept developed by BYD Daimler New Technology (BDNT), will be unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show in April. According to reports, the car design is based on Mercedes-Benz models such as the B-Class and AMG.

“The exciting new Denza brand is a highly visible seal of approval for the leading-edge design, technology and personality of the new car which we are convinced will resonate with customers here in China,” said Ulrich Walker, Chairman and CEO of Daimler Northeast Asia and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BDNT. “BYD and Daimler have been visionaries in the development of sustainable mobility and new technologies. We are at the forefront in China as the first company to form a joint venture for the development of a pure electric vehicle, and we’re continuing our pace forward with this landmark event today.”

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD and Member of the Board of Directors of BDNT, said that “we have the ideal partner in Daimler. BYD provides experience in battery technology and e-drive systems, as well as bringing EVs into operation on the streets of China.”

“In connection with Daimler’s design of premium autos, know-how in electric vehicle architecture and safety, and more than 125 years of experience in automotive excellence, Denza is on the right track to become the leader in the new energy vehicle market in China,” Chuanfu added.

Although Denza focuses on the Chinese market, experts believe that international export is very much an option as the brand name has “plenty of potential to occupy a very clear space in the minds of an English-speaking audience.”

The partnership might also bring some of the technology that powers BYD’s all electric vehicle e6 to Europe and the US. Although the e6 isn’t very comfortable by Western standards, the model has won praise for its long range of 186 miles – longer than almost all other electric cars that have an average range of 80-90 miles per charge.

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