VW E-Bugster
Article: VW E-Bugster What is VW going to bring to the Auto China Show 2012 (23 April to 2 May)? This question has been a hot topic among the press worldwide latley, after all, the Chinese market has for years been one of the most important markets in the world for Volkswagen. Thankfully we can now… (0 comment)

Ferrari 458 Italia China Edition
Article: Ferrari 458 Italia China Edition Ferrari celebrates its Chinese 20th anniversary: Twenty years ago in the Middle Kingdom, the first Italo-powered car, a 348 TS, was delivered. To celebrate this event Ferrari is putting together a “Special Edition” of the 458 Italia. If you want to get yours hands on one though, you will have… (0 comment)

Daimler And BYD Unveil New Electric Car Brand
Article: Daimler And BYD Unveil New Electric Car Brand The premium automaker Daimler and Chinese electric battery and car manufacturer BYD have announced a new car brand, which will focus exclusively on electric vehicles for the Chinese market. The brand’s name Denza is drawn from the Chinese characters that represent “rising power and momentum”. And this… (0 comment)

Mercedes-Benz Plans To Launch Dmart Cars In India
Article: Mercedes-Benz Plans To Launch Dmart Cars In India The German premium car maker Mercedes-Benz is planning to introduce the compact car smart in the Indian auto market soon, it was announced at the end of March. The company recently conducted a feasibility study as to the acceptability of smarts in India and the results were… (0 comment)

Porsche Cayenne GTS
Article: Porsche Cayenne GTS An SUV that feels like you are driving a sports car, this is the promise from the new Porsche Cayenne GTS which will premiere at the Auto China show 2012 in Beijing (23 April to 2 May). The gap between the Cayenne S and Turbo The current, second generation of Cayenne has… (0 comment)

2012 Mercedes GL Class
Article: 2012 Mercedes GL Class Today we take a look at the 2nd generation Mercedes GL class, the successor to the original GL class originally released in 2006. According to Mercedes the main focus of the new GL class is on economy and safety, positioning it somewhere in line with the S Class, but more off-road,… (0 comment)

BMW i8 Spyder Concept – Closer To Reality
Article: BMW i8 Spyder Concept – Closer To Reality BMW has taken great strides recently with its i-series models, and the latest i8 spyder design shows some real signs of maturity as we get closer and closer to a public release. The BMW i8 Spyder Concept will be on show at the auto show in Beijing… (0 comment)

Lit Motors C-1 – Will It Stand Up?
Article: Lit Motors C-1 – Will It Stand Up? California start-ups are renowned for challenging perceived wisdom, sometimes with exceptional success and other times with expensive failure. It’s hard to guess which outcome Lit Motors might be heading for, because it’s product isn’t like any other car for sale. It’s an electric car with just two… (0 comment)

Peugeot 2008 Heading To Geneva Motor Show Next Month
Article: Peugeot 2008 Heading To Geneva Motor Show Next Month Aiming to compete with the likes of the Opel Mokka and the Nissan Juke in the small crossover market, Peugeot is sending the new 2008 to the Geneve Motor Show this March. The exhibit will be a prelude to its official roll out in markets across… (0 comment)